Bath based photographer and artist

This photograph was on the front cover of the Bath Magazine and exhibited in the Atrium gallery it shows the grade I listed buildings on the Circus, Bath a fine example of Georgian architecture Reflections feature extensively in Simon Taylor's photographic work, especially with his street and documentary photography. Natural double exposures and distorted shapes can create interesting compositions New York is the ultimate place to capture iconic and documentary photographs. A lot of the masters of street photography have lived and worked in the city that never sleeps. Ephemeral moments is a series of images which propose the question, can a still image show more that a single moment in time? By capturing a trace in time can a greater narrative be told? Photographing the natural world is one of the most inspiring themes for photography, it always leads to a greater appreciation of the beautiful world we live in.

Slide show titles: 1. The Circus, Bath, 2. Reflections composition, 3. New York series, 4. Ephemeral moments series, 5. Isle of Scilly